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Donority Documentation

Donority – Charity & Donation WordPress Theme is a brand new state-of-the-art non profit, NGO, fundraising WordPress theme that is specifically designed and built from the ground up to suit and support every kind of humanitarian effort.

Designed with the utmost care, Donority hosts flexible NGO profiles in a fully responsive, pixel-perfect package, packed with features that will help build and manage stunning and functional websites in no time.


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Theme Update

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How to use WooCommerce with Donority (products, settings)? WooCommerce configuration

Change logs

----- 3.3.4 ( 22 March 2021) ----- Added: Droit Elementor


Remember: Navigate to the specific page according to the direction


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Donority WordPress theme uses the most popular and fastest free


The theme supports multiple location sidebar areas. Navigate to Appearance >

Getting Started

To use the Donority WordPress theme, you must have a WordPress engine

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